Sensible Snacking, cutting back on stress eating

Sensible Snacking, cutting back on stress eating

When stress gets us down, the first thing we reach for is food. Although it’s a temporary fix, chocolate, fatty foods and sugary snacks are our friend of choice. And, if you’re busy during the day, grabbing convenience food is often the way we go.


Here are some tips from WebMD of ways you can reduce your stress and eat better.


Build a good nutritional foundation

Start by preparing your meals the night before. It may take some time to get used to this but if you add it regularly into your schedule you will get the hang of it pretty quickly. Remember to eat every four or five hours.


Recognize what’s happening

When you feel the stress-eating feeling coming on stop and evaluate why you are so stressed. Recognize if you’re truly hungry or if you’re just stress eating.


Have a Plan B and C

Stress can happen anytime and anywhere. Keep healthy snacks handy. If it’s within reach, you’re less likely to get up to eat an unhealthy snack.


Keep things out of sight

Place all the junk food in one specific drawer or cupboard. Even though you know it’s there try not to look at it. If you’re really craving something – drink a glass of water and distract yourself with a routine chore until the urge passes.



When stress is getting you down try and exercise it out. Go for a walk outside, you can go on a jog, walk up and down the stairs or use the elliptical or bike. You can also exercise your mind by listening to music or meditating.


Hopefully these helpful tips and tricks will help you to make the right food decision when times get stressful.


Get to the point of style,

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Fake It Til You Make It…through the day

Fake It Til You Make It…through the day



One of the most dangerous phrases I’ve ever heard is, “I wish you could just read my mind!” What? You’re kidding me, right? I can’t imagine giving someone that kind of access inside my thoughts.

So often in our personal and professional lives – we are placed in situations where we must keep what we’re thinking to ourselves. For those that wear their emotions on their sleeve, this can be a challenging game of theatrics.

I consulted members of our team and my family – all of which are experts at pretending to care what I’m saying – and asked them for some advice on how to “fake it until you make it.”

Top six ways to feign interest when you’d rather be anywhere else

  1. Chuckle. Or give it your best “LOL.” Nothing says, “I couldn’t agree more” than faking a good ol’ giggle in the middle of a conversation you’re not paying any attention to. Remember, when in doubt, cackle it out.
  2. Agree with everything. Nod at every pause. The best bobble heads send out the strongest signals of encouragement.
  3. Take copious notes. Write your grocery list. Develop your packing list for the vacation that’s six months away. If all else fails, redo your Last Will and Testament. If the meeting is truly that boring, you may need it.
  4. Ask general or broad questions. It shows how interested you are when you ask questions to keep people talking.
  5. Analyze and be judgmental. Nothing, and we mean nothing, passes the time like creating a mental checklist of everything that’s wrong with someone. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the time goes and how much better you feel about yourself when it’s over.
  6. Rewrite their life story. In your head, change all the facts about someone. It is wildly entertaining to take control over someone’s good luck and misfortunes.

Whenever you can work in a golf clap at the end – do that, too. What are your favorite ways to show how much you don’t care?

See you at the point of influence,


Look More Professional With Less Time

Look More Professional With Less Time

In the corporate world it is always important to look your best and be one step above your clients. When it comes to your hair that means less is more. Go for a more natural look.

Trade over processed and colorized hair for more natural, sun kissed hair. Less over styling will lead to more effortless and sexy. Here are some tips on how to create that professional look with less time:

For short hair: A blunt bob is the most versatile. You can wear it with a loose beach wave or semi-straight with a tousled look. Try using a finishing cream or serum when blow drying your hair. Then, flip your hair upside down and spray it with your favorite hair spray. Finish with putting shine spray on a paddle brush and lightly brush the top layer of hair. This will give you a polished, effortless edge.

For long hair: Go for a layered look for long wear. On Day One wear it straight using a round brush for style. On Day Two go for curls. Your “dirty” hair will respond well and hold the curls. After curling, use a dry shampoo from scalp to mid strand, then finish with shine spray on a paddle brush until your desired curl pattern is achieved.

Day Three is my favorite because it’s the easiest. Put your hair into a loose bun or pony. For the office, it’s best to go for professional, not messy.

Low buns are the new top knot. This is a great day to wear your favorite statement earrings or go for dramatic lips.

What are your favorite hair tips when you’re in a time crunch?


Get to the point of style,

Dayna Adams

Owner, Beau Monde




Heat Up Productivity When Motivation Runs Cold

Heat Up Productivity When Motivation Runs Cold


Show of hands – lately, who else would rather stay in bed than head in to work most mornings? Especially when the snow is falling, the temps are sub-zero and there’s incredibly sophisticated Jimmy Fallon videos on YouTube. That’s me. Oh yeah, that’s me.

The cold season we all have a love/hate relationship with can make us lazy and tired. And it becomes really easy to put off until tomorrow what can be put off until tomorrow. Or the next day.

This dreary weather cannot only affect your personal life but it can also hinder your work productivity. posted a list of five easy steps to make sure winter blues don’t get you down at work.

Let’s check it out:

Arrive early – stay later
For those who are not morning people, this task can be very hard to do. But once it becomes a part of your routine, it becomes a part of you. Arriving early before anyone else can help get your mind ready for the tasks ahead. Staying late after the work day quiets down can often lead to increased productivity and a second wind to power through the task list.

Plan each day the night before
Do you make lists? My “to do” lists have lists of their own. Mentally prepping for the work day ahead may alleviate stress and anxiety. At first, being a planner might seem like a tedious task. But, in the end it can help you stay focused. When I want an extra burst of enthusiasm – sometimes, I write things down just to cross them off the list. It’s amazing how much we are actually accomplishing in a day without realizing.

Leave the office for lunch
When it is cold and miserable outside, it is super easy to stay stuck in your office. However, you really need to change scenery and clear your head. Leaving the office for lunch can improve the rest of your workday. It gives you a chance to get away and breathe in new air.

Minimize distractions
Squirrel! Let’s pause for a moment while I respond to this text message. Exactly. With more ways to socialize than ever before and more pressure to provide instantaneous feedback – it is difficult to focus on one thing at a time. I lose this battle daily.

Someone smart once told me a person is 33% less effective when multi-tasking. I don’t know if that stat is true, but it feels true. Unplug. Detach. And get it done. Jimmy Fallon can be the nice reward when the work is turned in.

Keep your goals in sight at all times
Out of all the tips, this one seems the most important. We get into a funk when we live for 5 o’clock Friday. Life goes pretty darn fast as it is. Let’s slow it down a little more and keep in sight why we work so hard in the first place. Strive to meet even the smallest goals.

I don’t know about you, but I feel better already. What ways do you suggest heating up productivity when your motivation turns cold?

In case you missed it – this one rocks: Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battle

See you at The Point of Influence,

25 Ways to Stay Motivated

25 Ways to Stay Motivated

As January comes to an end, it can be hard to remember the resolutions we made at the beginning of the month. If you’re anything like me the motivation you once had for the New Year is long gone, and most days you have to force yourself to get out of your nice warm bed.

Even though your motivation may be lacking, it’s time to remember why we wanted to change for the better. Our friends from The Positivity Blog came up with 25 ways we can motivate ourselves:

  1. Make a deal with yourself
  2. Act like it
  3. Ask uplifting questions in the morning
  4. Move the goalposts
  5. Do something small and create a flow
  6. Do the toughest task first
  7. Start slow
  8. Compare yourself with yourself. Not with others.
  9. Remember your successes
  10. Act like your heroes
  11. Remember to have fun
  12. Get out of your comfort zone
  13. Don’t fear failure
  14. Do some research on what you are about to do
  15. Figure out why you are doing something
  16. Write down your goals and reasons for working towards them
  17. Take the positivity challenge
  18. Cut down on TV
  19. Break it down
  20. Reprogram your information intake
  21. Make use of your creativity
  22. Find out what makes you happy
  23. Listen while you’re on the move
  24. Think outside your box
  25. Make each day count

By incorporating some of these motivational tips into your daily life you will start feeling fresh and ready to bring on the new day.

Remember that not every day will be perfect. Find out what motivates you and go with it!

See you at The Point of Style,
Alyssa Connell, CEO
Connell Communications