Take your outfit from day to night in four simple steps

Take your outfit from day to night in four simple steps

From meetings with clients to a night out with friends, Phenomenal Women have to be ready to look the part at a moment’s notice. Learn how to go from desk to dinner in a few easy steps.

1.   Always dress in layers– blazers, sweaters, scarves etc. This way you can add or discard items depending on the occasion.

2.  Add accessories– adding statement necklaces, earrings, or a small clutch helps transform your look from corporate chic to night time ready.

3.  Keep the cosmetic basics in your purse– be ready to add a pop of color to your lips, blush or mascara. These items will keep you feeling fresh and add a little spice.

4.  Always wear a universal pair of shoes– a classy pair of shoes for both work and play is always a must. A classy pair of flats, comfortable heels or boots that can transform for any occasion are key.



Summertime Corporate Attire Boundaries

Summertime Corporate Attire Boundaries

As the temperatures soar and the lazy days of summer approach, some mornings it’s tough to drag yourself into the office, let alone dress appropriately enough to conduct business.

You don’t have to dress down to stay cool, just adjust your wardrobe to accommodate higher temperatures while keeping your professional image intact. Here are some tips from Connell Communications to dressing professionally while staying cool in the summer heat:



Just as wearing layers work well in the wintertime, it can be very useful in warmer weather.  You can layer a sleeveless or cap sleeve dress with a blazer or a lightweight sweater.  This helps to combat the high heat/high air conditioning that you’ll encounter as you go in and out of buildings.  Anytime you’re wearing short sleeves, it is a good idea to have a lightweight sweater so you’re always prepared.

Skirt lengths

Not only are skirts fun, they are a cooler alternative to slacks in warmer weather. Just remember: when in an office setting, skirt and dress lengths should never be more than an inch or two above the knee.


Lighter fabrics make us feel more feminine and keep us cooler.  But take caution, the fabric you choose should never show through to your undergarment.  Always look in the mirror in each angle, and if possible, in different lighting, to make sure that nothing is showing that shouldn’t be.  

Hair Style

On a hot day, wear your hair up!   Try a chignon, French twist, French braid, or a low ponytail.  This will get the hair off the back of your neck and keep you cool while giving you a professional look.


If you don’t want to show bare skin, there are lighter types of hosiery including knee high and thigh high styles.  These are a cooler alternative to full length pantyhose.


Never get too casual on your footwear.  Closed toe shoes, pumps or sling backs are always the best choice in business settings.   Keep your sandals and open toe shoes for after-hours.


In the summer months we all love to have that healthy, tan glow. Hot weather and makeup do not go well together, so opt for lighter makeup. Maybe skip the liquid foundation for a little bronzer to get a more natural look that will last throughout that hot day.


Wear a lighter, summertime fragrance or body spray.  Heavier perfumes tend to glut in heat, making even a little bit too much. Plus, body sprays are much cheaper than perfume!


Of course, every company has different guidelines on office attire.  Always keep in mind that how you dress, no matter the season, represents both you and your organization.



See you at the Point of Style,

Connell Communications












Look More Professional With Less Time

Look More Professional With Less Time

In the corporate world it is always important to look your best and be one step above your clients. When it comes to your hair that means less is more. Go for a more natural look.

Trade over processed and colorized hair for more natural, sun kissed hair. Less over styling will lead to more effortless and sexy. Here are some tips on how to create that professional look with less time:

For short hair: A blunt bob is the most versatile. You can wear it with a loose beach wave or semi-straight with a tousled look. Try using a finishing cream or serum when blow drying your hair. Then, flip your hair upside down and spray it with your favorite hair spray. Finish with putting shine spray on a paddle brush and lightly brush the top layer of hair. This will give you a polished, effortless edge.

For long hair: Go for a layered look for long wear. On Day One wear it straight using a round brush for style. On Day Two go for curls. Your “dirty” hair will respond well and hold the curls. After curling, use a dry shampoo from scalp to mid strand, then finish with shine spray on a paddle brush until your desired curl pattern is achieved.

Day Three is my favorite because it’s the easiest. Put your hair into a loose bun or pony. For the office, it’s best to go for professional, not messy.

Low buns are the new top knot. This is a great day to wear your favorite statement earrings or go for dramatic lips.

What are your favorite hair tips when you’re in a time crunch?


Get to the point of style,

Dayna Adams

Owner, Beau Monde




Package Your Potential

Package Your Potential

In a world where you’re constantly marketing yourself, the process of communicating your value to a potential client or employer starts with your “package.” The role of packaging in marketing is extremely significant and it is a huge part of getting consumers to notice products. Right or wrong, it has the same value for people.

Communication and the image you present often leave a lasting impression on the people you meet. Below are three messages to remember when putting together your “package.”

Answer the phone as if you’re talking to your best friend. Up to 37% of a positive first impression is based upon your tone of voice. On the telephone, that rises to 80% or higher.

People are visual by nature. We are drawn to what looks good whether that be a package or a person. Your body is a 3D “full motion” billboard you’re constantly showing to the world. Make sure you reflect what you want to be known for.

A majority of our messages are communicated non-verbally. Don’t underestimate the importance of posture and subtle movements. Make sure your body language signals your confidence.

Putting together the perfect package can go a long way in meeting your career goals. Make sure to stand apart from the crowd by conveying the right message the first time.

That’s the Point of Style,

C.J. Cummings
Communications Specialist
Connell Companies

25 Ways to Stay Motivated

25 Ways to Stay Motivated

As January comes to an end, it can be hard to remember the resolutions we made at the beginning of the month. If you’re anything like me the motivation you once had for the New Year is long gone, and most days you have to force yourself to get out of your nice warm bed.

Even though your motivation may be lacking, it’s time to remember why we wanted to change for the better. Our friends from The Positivity Blog came up with 25 ways we can motivate ourselves:

  1. Make a deal with yourself
  2. Act like it
  3. Ask uplifting questions in the morning
  4. Move the goalposts
  5. Do something small and create a flow
  6. Do the toughest task first
  7. Start slow
  8. Compare yourself with yourself. Not with others.
  9. Remember your successes
  10. Act like your heroes
  11. Remember to have fun
  12. Get out of your comfort zone
  13. Don’t fear failure
  14. Do some research on what you are about to do
  15. Figure out why you are doing something
  16. Write down your goals and reasons for working towards them
  17. Take the positivity challenge
  18. Cut down on TV
  19. Break it down
  20. Reprogram your information intake
  21. Make use of your creativity
  22. Find out what makes you happy
  23. Listen while you’re on the move
  24. Think outside your box
  25. Make each day count

By incorporating some of these motivational tips into your daily life you will start feeling fresh and ready to bring on the new day.

Remember that not every day will be perfect. Find out what motivates you and go with it!

See you at The Point of Style,
Alyssa Connell, CEO
Connell Communications

Mastering Corporate Head Shots

Mastering Corporate Head Shots

Mastering Corporate Head Shots | The Point of Style

Image is everything, or so we’ve all been told. And making a powerful first impression is critical. While we all are guilty of the occasional selfie – don’t fall into this trap when finding a photo to represent your image. In today’s corporate world, competition is everywhere and we are often judged on our thumbnail photo and LinkedIn headline before we ever make the true connection. Therefore, your corporate head shot must really say it all.

Your headshot becomes your personal brand and also a reflection of the company you work for, the clients you represent and the culture you personify.

For your one main photograph, always use a professional photographer. Pay for their expertise in lighting, camera settings, color, poses, and post-production.  These photos will be the highest quality and your headshots will have a longer shelf life.

Keep these quick tips in mind when preparing for your big shot:

Mastering Corporate Head Shots | The Point of StyleDress for success.
Look your absolute. Remember to wear apparel that is slightly above, never below your intended audience. Be well-pressed and put-together. Pick colors that match or compliment your corporate identity.

Complimentary background.
Choose a background that attracts not detracts from your main goal. Natural settings are preferred. If this isn’t attainable, choose a background color that will compliment multiple settings and uses.

Stand up straight. Chest up. Shoulders back. And, chin down, for goodness sake. Your body language says a lot about you. Determine what you want your body language to broadcast about you, then practice that pose in a mirror.

Makeup and hair.
Don’t overdo the powder. Just ask any Hollywood star and they’ll tell you – the natural look is preferred. Keep your makeup bag handy for last minute touch-ups. Schedule your haircut at least one week in advance to avoid the “just cut” look.

We would love to hear your thoughts on favorite corporate headshot poses. Send us your comments!

See you at The Point of Style,
Alyssa Connell
CEO, Connell Communications