Corporate Styling with Dresses for the Winter Chill

Corporate Styling with Dresses for the Winter Chill

Everyone seems to be super busy this time of year and it’s not always easy to pull together an outfit that is warm, comfortable and looks professional.

At The Point of Style, we have some inspirational ideas to help you pull together a collection of wintry work dress outfits guaranteed to boost your career style confidence!

There are many ways to wear any seasonal dress and turn it into a winter look.

Take a look in your closet. What dresses have the colors and fabrics that will hold up to the winter chill?  Don’t forget your skirts. A great wool or pencil style skirt can go a long way and create many outfit combinations in winter.  Pair with blouses or turtleneck knits. Add some outstanding accessories such as knitted or silk scarves, necklaces or brooches to compliment your color palette.

Sweater dresses are warm, sleek and feel exceptionally soft against your skin.

This is also a great time to get creative and pull out some of your favorite belts to change the entire presentation of your dress or skirt outfit.

Corporate Styling with Dresses for the Winter ChillOuterwear:
If you do not own one – definitely invest in a nice warm winter coat that is long enough to cover your suit jackets and compliment your dress and skirt lengths. Mid-thigh and calf-length versions work very nicely. Ultimately, look for something sleek, versatile, and don’t be afraid to “SPLURGE.” Buy good quality as you’ll want this coat to last at least three to five years of winter wear.

Leather coats and jackets allow you to express your own personal style.

Cardigans, throws and wraps add such an elegant, profession style to any outfit. Even spring or summer style dresses can be styled to look professional. Most of these styles can be worn underneath your winter coat.

When pairing footwear with dresses or skirts in winter, consider great weather proof boots. Preferably knee high. A pair of knit tights adds glamour and warmth. Also, look fabulous with short ankle style boots with heels to keep that corporate look intact. Don’t be afraid to wear pumps or heels with your tights, this is also a very classy style for those very chilly days in the office.

There is nothing more striking or functional than a hat in the winter. A great wool brimmed hat is so charming and complimentary to any outfit. Knitted cap-style hats will be sure to turn heads.

A pair of gloves can be one of the most attractive ways to add variety to a winter outfit. Purchase one versatile color: black, brown or grey. Yellow and red are my favorite.

With all these options you can see that layering in the cold weather is key. You can layer anything. Have fun playing with color and texture.

Take your winter career style to the next level and let the inspiration begin.

Get to the Point of Style,
Lisa Coots-Schooley
Owner, SPLURGE Boutique

Etiquette and Your Holiday Corporate Party

Etiquette and Your Holiday Corporate Party

Work-related holiday office parties are not the time to take a fashion risk.  When planning your outfit, pay special attention to what is “appropriate dress” for the occasion.

It’s always important to keep an eye out for clues on what to wear from the invitation. Ideally, there should be an indication that lets the invitees know what is expected. Casual attire, business casual etc.

A corporate holiday party is the perfect opportunity for you to make a positive impression. Think about how you look, how you present yourself and how you act around others. This all ties into what kind of impression you will make.

Etiquette and Your Holiday Corporate Party | The Point of Style

Let’s start off with your attire.

Business Casual
This attire is most common in corporate holiday parties and can be easy to pull off.  If your party is after hours the same weekday of work, you can almost keep the same office attire. Just add a few items for that look of class.

This is simple. Add some sophisticated jewelry, evening wear shoes such as heels that are comfortable to you and a classy belt or scarf.  You can go from daytime corporate to nighttime corporate sophisticate.

Black Tie or Formal
This usually translates to fancy corporate party and usually starts after six p.m.

Women are usually expected to wear a long formal gown or a conservative evening dress. In some instances a simple yet classy cocktail dress is acceptable.

Long formal gowns look best if they are in flowing material. Avoid extra tight fitting gowns. This can be not only uncomfortable but inappropriate. You want to present yourself at your very best.

Make sure your accessories equally compliment your choice of attire.  You want each piece to blend in with the other.  Remember, less is more.

Make an Entrance
Take your time and never rush into a room. This allows others to see you before you enter the party.  Check your posture and how you carry yourself. This instantly creates an impression of confidence and sets the stage for others to accept you as a winner.

Be positive. Your attitude shows through in everything you do.  It’s important to make eye contact as you follow through with a firm handshake.

Small Talk
Keep you conversations positive and light.  If this is a business social event try not to gravitate to a small group and talk shop, nor is this the time to complain to your boss or others. Be discreet, do not discuss matters that belong at work.  The best topics to talk about are to ask what the other person thinks and what their interests are.  Steer clear of controversy.

Always drink alcoholic beverages in moderation.  Drinking too much can be counterproductive to your professional ambitions. Besides, you do not want to be “That Girl” that is the topic of conversation the next business day.

Personal Phone
Try not to use your phone at the event. If you must take a call, leave the room and go to a private place.

Always be mindful of your host. Never forget to thank your host before leaving the party, or to write a thank you note the next day.

Showing gratitude is admirable and will be noticed.

“The only person you need to compare yourself to is who you have been.  The only person you need to be better than is who you are now.”  Unknown

Get to the Point of Style,
Lisa Coots-Schooley
Owner, SPLURGE Boutique

Holiday Statements with Capes and Throws

Holiday Statements with Capes and Throws

Capes and throws in fashion go way back. In the beginning, this statement piece was used as an elegant cover-up to evening gowns for dressy occasions. Now, this style has made a popular comeback in the modern outerwear game.  Chic, classic and comfortable, what more could you ask for?

Styling with a cape or throw can be tricky. Here are some great ways to bring back the nostalgic sophisticate in every woman!

Turtleneck trimming
Layered with a sleek turtleneck creates a polished look beneath an oversized silo.

Dress or Skirt
When pairing with a dress or skirt, you should stay with a pencil style. This gives you a look of proportion and is very flattering with the oversized look of a cape.

Fitted on the bottom
Most of the attention will be on your cape or throw so it’s important to keep it fitted on the bottom half of your outfit. Choose fitted jeans, or skinny jeans that will flatter your legs, finishing it all off with some clunky-cool short boots.

Harmonious Colors
Since capes and throws silhouettes make a statement, select a color scheme that will compliment traditional tones. Camel, beige and browns all coordinate. Pairing up blacks or greys with red and navy are simple but striking color palettes.

No chill gloves
If you’re feeling chilly in that perfect crisp winter air, there is nothing quite as chic as a pair of leather or long knit gloves to create the look of a sleeve.

Come in today and get the coolest cape or throw and cozy up to your new go-to coat!

Get to the Point of Style,
Lisa Coots-Schooley
Owner, SPLURGE Boutique

The Splendor of Styling with Fur

The Splendor of Styling with Fur

If you’ve never tried on a fur, faux or real, you haven’t experienced what some would call a magnificent feeling.

Fur is one of this season’s hottest trends and it’s about time! Fur is one of our favorite materials to style with. Growing up in an era where my great-grandmother’s all wore real fur coats, stoles and scarves – I have always appreciated the beauty of fur.

I was in love with the glamour and how soft and comforting it was when you received a hug and kiss goodbye. I was lucky enough to inherit two fur coats from my great-grandmother’s collection. On the occasions that I wear them, I can feel the fond elegant memory of my great grandmother.

Nothing will keep you warmer in the winter or feeling more glamorous.

We love and recommend the faux furs that are available today. SPLURGE Boutique is supplied with fur vests, hats, gloves, belts, coats, scarves, leg warmers, wraps and boots.

Fur is so eloquent that it is a statement all by itself. When styling, you should think of fur as the main element of your outfit.

The Splendor of Styling with Fur | The Point of Style

Fur Boots
Putting an outfit together with fur boots over skinny jeans and a cable knit sweater looks and feels dramatic on a cold January day.

Styling with Fur Coats, Vests
When styling families for their annual Christmas card photo, we always love to have Mom in a fur coat or vest. This really adds a lavish festive effect.

A fur coat can be worn to most events or occasions. Wrapping yourself in a fur coat almost always makes you feel like a million dollar. Throw on some special jewelry, fabulous boots, heels and go to the theatre. A fur will make an ordinary dress…extraordinary!

A fur vest can dress up any outfit whether wearing jeans on a weekend outing or over a beautiful blouse and dress slacks. This adds personality. For a classic everyday look, wear a fur vest over a turtleneck or plain black dress.

Fur Jewelry Accessorizing
You can also add a touch of chic with a pair of fur earrings. Add these to a formal black gown for a Christmas party and make an appearance. We are continuously amazed by all the various jewelry accessories made with fur that are available today.

Black Fur Wrap
A very impressive and versatile piece is a black fur wrap. Wear it belted with leggings, tall boots and a favorite black top. What’s fabulous about this piece is you can throw it on and go! It can be worn over a dress, your favorite jeans, corporate attire or a skirt with some trendy boots.
Dressed in any fur, you can stand out and be your own kind of shining star!

Get to The Point of Style,
Lisa Coots-Schooley
Owner, SPLURGE Boutique

Embellish Your Style with Scarves

Embellish Your Style with Scarves

There are three distinct traits that make scarves both amazing and alluring.

Style with Scarves | The Point of Style1) Pop of color to any outfit
This is where you can let your creative spirit fly! Take a white shirt and add your scarf and voilà! You have created an instant stylish outfit. Layering with a blazer or denim jacket and a lively pair of earrings can change an ensemble from drab to fab!

2) Warmth
When you’re comfortable, you look and feel more confident. A scarf is an easy accessory to put on and take off according your weather and temperature conditions. When you’re not wearing it, tie it to your handbag to add a splash of color to your side. It’s always ready for you to wear when you feel a chill.

3) Functionality
Some of our favorite ways to wear and style with scarves is for belts, hair bands, around the neck or tied to a favorite handbag. Turn your favorite color infinity scarf into a vest.  We are fascinated with all the scarf tying videos that surface on social media feeds. You can get so creative with scarves and show off your personal style.


A willowy scarf can make you feel elegant and beautiful. A thick soft infinity scarf can calm you on a cold winter day.

One of the best gifts you can give someone is a scarf. It’s the gift of style, warmth and feels like a hug when you’re wearing it.

Get to the point of style,
Lisa Coots-Schooley
Owner, SPLURGE Boutique

Find Glamour in a Winter Wonderland

Find Glamour in a Winter Wonderland

Thinking of mixing wintertime and fashion and often you’re left with a wardrobe challenge. In certain parts of the country, with the temperature dropping below our comfort zone and ice under our feet, dressing warm and comfortable often outweighs looking fashionable.

However, here are some great ideas to wake up your inner fashion diva from under than cold winter chill!

  1. Feel glamorous and nostalgic. Wrap in fur, real or faux. Throw a fur cape over fleece lined leggings with boots. This also works fabulously well over your best denim jeans. Furs remind us of elegant vintage wear and wintertime brings this out. Stylish yet comfortable.
  2. The year of the scarf. It all began in the spring with the lightweight colorful infinity scarves. The crochet style adds softness and the cheerful colors are sure to lift your winter blues away. Just a simple scarf can add zing to any outfit with the added bonus of keeping warm.
  3. Layer it up. Winter is the best time to play with layers. Leggings are so versatile and can be worn with a great button down top and vest with your favorite blazer, or even under a skirt. Layering long sleeves under short sleeves adds that extra color pop! You can even add a cinch belt for style.
    Update your mock turtle neck sweater with a statement necklace then style it with leather, suede or wool pants for a classic look.
  4. Leather it up. One of the biggest trends this year is leather, as an accent on tops, cardigans, skirts and pants. This is a great way to bring it all together with leather boots and belts. A popular and favorite look with leather is something strikingly feminine–white ruffle top or a string of pearls adds a bit of elegance to this combination.

In keeping in sync with style and the seasons, it’s important to incorporate fun new pieces to your wardrobe come February and March.

If nothing else, this helps to keep you motivated for fashion and style even when facing the prospects of another blizzard.

So go ahead, bring on the chill and look chic!

Get to The Point of Style,
Lisa Coots-Schooley
Owner, SPLURGE Boutique