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Image is everything, or so we’ve all been told. And making a powerful first impression is critical. While we all are guilty of the occasional selfie – don’t fall into this trap when finding a photo to represent your image. In today’s corporate world, competition is everywhere and we are often judged on our thumbnail photo and LinkedIn headline before we ever make the true connection. Therefore, your corporate head shot must really say it all.

Your headshot becomes your personal brand and also a reflection of the company you work for, the clients you represent and the culture you personify.

For your one main photograph, always use a professional photographer. Pay for their expertise in lighting, camera settings, color, poses, and post-production.  These photos will be the highest quality and your headshots will have a longer shelf life.

Keep these quick tips in mind when preparing for your big shot:

Mastering Corporate Head Shots | The Point of StyleDress for success.
Look your absolute. Remember to wear apparel that is slightly above, never below your intended audience. Be well-pressed and put-together. Pick colors that match or compliment your corporate identity.

Complimentary background.
Choose a background that attracts not detracts from your main goal. Natural settings are preferred. If this isn’t attainable, choose a background color that will compliment multiple settings and uses.

Stand up straight. Chest up. Shoulders back. And, chin down, for goodness sake. Your body language says a lot about you. Determine what you want your body language to broadcast about you, then practice that pose in a mirror.

Makeup and hair.
Don’t overdo the powder. Just ask any Hollywood star and they’ll tell you – the natural look is preferred. Keep your makeup bag handy for last minute touch-ups. Schedule your haircut at least one week in advance to avoid the “just cut” look.

We would love to hear your thoughts on favorite corporate headshot poses. Send us your comments!

See you at The Point of Style,
Alyssa Connell
CEO, Connell Communications