One of the most dangerous phrases I’ve ever heard is, “I wish you could just read my mind!” What? You’re kidding me, right? I can’t imagine giving someone that kind of access inside my thoughts.

So often in our personal and professional lives – we are placed in situations where we must keep what we’re thinking to ourselves. For those that wear their emotions on their sleeve, this can be a challenging game of theatrics.

I consulted members of our team and my family – all of which are experts at pretending to care what I’m saying – and asked them for some advice on how to “fake it until you make it.”

Top six ways to feign interest when you’d rather be anywhere else

  1. Chuckle. Or give it your best “LOL.” Nothing says, “I couldn’t agree more” than faking a good ol’ giggle in the middle of a conversation you’re not paying any attention to. Remember, when in doubt, cackle it out.
  2. Agree with everything. Nod at every pause. The best bobble heads send out the strongest signals of encouragement.
  3. Take copious notes. Write your grocery list. Develop your packing list for the vacation that’s six months away. If all else fails, redo your Last Will and Testament. If the meeting is truly that boring, you may need it.
  4. Ask general or broad questions. It shows how interested you are when you ask questions to keep people talking.
  5. Analyze and be judgmental. Nothing, and we mean nothing, passes the time like creating a mental checklist of everything that’s wrong with someone. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the time goes and how much better you feel about yourself when it’s over.
  6. Rewrite their life story. In your head, change all the facts about someone. It is wildly entertaining to take control over someone’s good luck and misfortunes.

Whenever you can work in a golf clap at the end – do that, too. What are your favorite ways to show how much you don’t care?

See you at the point of influence,