Have you ever wondered why your SEO is lagging? Even when you have the basics down, your analytics are still not showing progress.

  • SEO plugins are installed on your site.
  • Meta descriptions are in.
  • Plugins are updated monthly.

Our experts at Connell Communications share four vital steps to improving your SEO without having to hire a professional.

  1. Mobile Optimization
    Whether you’re an e-commerce business or a counseling agency, your customers will most likely look for you via their mobile devices.
    With mobile on its way to overtake desktop, it’s important to have your site optimized.
    Mobile optimization involves several aspects such as the look of your site, functionality of the buttons and links, intuitive navigation, etc.
  1. Keyword Research
    Content is still the priority. In order to discover the right tone and information to build your customer’s trust, it is necessary to include keywords relevant to your industry.
  1. Social Media Presence
    This is a well-known fact, however many companies neglect their social media presence therefore losing points for their SEO.
    Active and refined social media activity gives your company credibility and helps build trust with your audience.
  1. Visual Content
    All of your visuals count toward your SEO ranking. Adding visual content such as images and videos engage your visitors, thus improving your SEO.

Millie Njezic
Strategist and Graphic Designer
Connell Communications