In the corporate world it is always important to look your best and be one step above your clients. When it comes to your hair that means less is more. Go for a more natural look.

Trade over processed and colorized hair for more natural, sun kissed hair. Less over styling will lead to more effortless and sexy. Here are some tips on how to create that professional look with less time:

For short hair: A blunt bob is the most versatile. You can wear it with a loose beach wave or semi-straight with a tousled look. Try using a finishing cream or serum when blow drying your hair. Then, flip your hair upside down and spray it with your favorite hair spray. Finish with putting shine spray on a paddle brush and lightly brush the top layer of hair. This will give you a polished, effortless edge.

For long hair: Go for a layered look for long wear. On Day One wear it straight using a round brush for style. On Day Two go for curls. Your “dirty” hair will respond well and hold the curls. After curling, use a dry shampoo from scalp to mid strand, then finish with shine spray on a paddle brush until your desired curl pattern is achieved.

Day Three is my favorite because it’s the easiest. Put your hair into a loose bun or pony. For the office, it’s best to go for professional, not messy.

Low buns are the new top knot. This is a great day to wear your favorite statement earrings or go for dramatic lips.

What are your favorite hair tips when you’re in a time crunch?


Get to the point of style,

Dayna Adams

Owner, Beau Monde