As the temperatures soar and the lazy days of summer approach, some mornings it’s tough to drag yourself into the office, let alone dress appropriately enough to conduct business.

You don’t have to dress down to stay cool, just adjust your wardrobe to accommodate higher temperatures while keeping your professional image intact. Here are some tips from Connell Communications to dressing professionally while staying cool in the summer heat:



Just as wearing layers work well in the wintertime, it can be very useful in warmer weather.  You can layer a sleeveless or cap sleeve dress with a blazer or a lightweight sweater.  This helps to combat the high heat/high air conditioning that you’ll encounter as you go in and out of buildings.  Anytime you’re wearing short sleeves, it is a good idea to have a lightweight sweater so you’re always prepared.

Skirt lengths

Not only are skirts fun, they are a cooler alternative to slacks in warmer weather. Just remember: when in an office setting, skirt and dress lengths should never be more than an inch or two above the knee.


Lighter fabrics make us feel more feminine and keep us cooler.  But take caution, the fabric you choose should never show through to your undergarment.  Always look in the mirror in each angle, and if possible, in different lighting, to make sure that nothing is showing that shouldn’t be.  

Hair Style

On a hot day, wear your hair up!   Try a chignon, French twist, French braid, or a low ponytail.  This will get the hair off the back of your neck and keep you cool while giving you a professional look.


If you don’t want to show bare skin, there are lighter types of hosiery including knee high and thigh high styles.  These are a cooler alternative to full length pantyhose.


Never get too casual on your footwear.  Closed toe shoes, pumps or sling backs are always the best choice in business settings.   Keep your sandals and open toe shoes for after-hours.


In the summer months we all love to have that healthy, tan glow. Hot weather and makeup do not go well together, so opt for lighter makeup. Maybe skip the liquid foundation for a little bronzer to get a more natural look that will last throughout that hot day.


Wear a lighter, summertime fragrance or body spray.  Heavier perfumes tend to glut in heat, making even a little bit too much. Plus, body sprays are much cheaper than perfume!


Of course, every company has different guidelines on office attire.  Always keep in mind that how you dress, no matter the season, represents both you and your organization.



See you at the Point of Style,

Connell Communications