You’re only as strong as your weakest link

There is something to be said for that quote.

When selecting an employee – employers are now searching for someone that will not only step up to the plate, but will make contact and win. Having the right qualifications is now the standard. Employers are searching for the right fit – the next model employee.

Employers need to recognize the qualities of good employees and reward them for being an asset to the organization. It can also be a challenge to retain those good employees.

You’ll want to hire those with the best attributes and also those who have the potential to become more capable in the future. Often, we hear of companies hiring for personality and then training to fit the skills of the position.

You're Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link | Connell Communications

Communication skills
It’s important to know that your employees are willing and able to communicate important information, ideas and challenges clearly and effectively. Without this quality, many problems can develop within the company.

Motivated self-starter
This type of employee is not afraid of taking responsibility and will be prepared to go beyond the call of duty to meet goals or solve any problem.

We believe an employee needs passion – a genuine excitement to be part of an organization. It can be easy to distinguish the difference between someone who works for a paycheck, and one that simply loves what they do. People with this passion will be enthusiastic about the position and what they will bring to the table.

An employee that can adjust themselves to a new environment and is willing to quickly learn new tasks and perform their best with change are likely to be the best performers in any organization.

Team player
All companies require an effective team performance. Everyone appreciates a helping hand every now and then. One that establishes friendly relations with other coworkers and keeps the office running smoothly is always an asset to the company. A good employee will not only step in and help others, but give credit and share in coworkers’ accolades with the team.

The value of work ethic
This is a quality that can sum up everything else mentioned in the making of a model employee.

Individuals who possess a strong work ethic embody certain principles that guide their work behavior, leading them to produce high-quality work consistently and without the prodding that some others require to stay on track.

Good work ethics often inspire others to act in similar ways.

With positive ethical and professional values, a company is reflected well and valued above many others competing for that base market.

This will ensure you are always headed true north.

See you at The Point of Influence,
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